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I just worked my way through a wonderful blog my friend Schirin posted a link to yesterday. The blog is called Farmama. It’s written by a woman living on a farm with four children and is making her life as sustainable as possible. I appreciate the simple, bright beauty of her photographs and her stories about knitting sweaters for her children starting with raising the sheep, all the way through the dying, spinning and knitting process. Oh my heart! I’m inspired beyond belief.


blogWow, more changes! Subtle, but they’re there. A shop tab has been added. It shows everything I have up in the etsy shop and yes! You can totally buy them! More recently, I’ve added an “About” page right next to ye olde shoppe. You can read a little about m’self there. Take advantage of the new changes, explore a little, do whatever it is you do on this blog. Etc.

Ancient History

Alright, so we’ve moved… whazza big deal? If you’re new (and I love you all the more for your newness) there used to be another one of these at blogger. But now we’re here. However, since we get to learn all sorts of dandy things from the past, I’m going to make sure you can link back and view all of that ancient history hanging about back at blogger. Alright? Good.

Greenerliving will still be there (I’m more sentimental than I’ll let on at the moment) and by clicking on “Greenerliving” you can travel back to it… like magic!photo2