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Well, this is a combination of today and yesterday. Today I baked some bread, did some papier mache and doodled about a little bit. Yesterday I made a craft organizer, a pot holder, and a dish towel. Domestic, eh? I got the idea for an organizer an all those other fabric bits from a book Ashley gave me called Simple Sewing by Lotta Jansdotter.

New bread and a new pot holder. The bread is from my absolute favorite bread recipe from Bread & Honey.

Go ahead, ask me what Linus does all day.

And here’s that sweet organizer I was talking about earlier. And here’s the craft space over all. Ta dah!

“Bwwaaiiinssss”… Oh, Oops, I mean “Brrreeeaaaddddd…”

I don’t have class or work today so I thought I’d make a batch of bread. I know this isn’t the cooking blog but I’ve already talked about this recipe there so I thought I’d share with ya’ll over here. This has got to be my favorite bread recipe because I have yet to have a bummer batch. Maybe it’s because I’m a wonderful bread maker but I’m more inclined to believe that this is a fairly fool-proof recipe. Try it out. Be amazed. Etc.