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A Brief Tour

It’s time for a mini update. I was gone for a week and so much happened in the garden that I thought I’d give you a preview before our usual Wednesday debriefing. Enjoy!

WOW. I know. He’s pretty cool. I found him when he hit the sliding door and then took a mini-vacation on the deck. So sparkly.
potatoe53The ‘taters are a-bloomin’! Just the blue ones though. I’m curious to see whether the yukon potato flowers will be purple like these. I noticed that the blue potato’s stalks are a dark purple/brown compared to the yukons, so perhaps the flowers will be a different color as well.

pea49The snap peas have mysteriously appeared. No one saw them yesterday and yet they’re covering the snap pea bushes, peeping from behind leaves with a bit of shyness. Soon the shelling peas will do their thing and we’ll be up to our ears! I can’t wait for the invasion to begin.

Artichoke, youtachoke, what-achoke! The ARTICHOKES ARE HERE! While I was on the road our plants started to have their babies. Right now there’s one three inch Arti on each plant.

Little White T-Bugman

Mom and I left school a little early today and we washed two cars, planted potatoes, spread eleven wheel-barrow loads of bark chips and spread landscaping fabric over a good portion of the yard before it got dusky outside. In the middle of spreading chips about I glanced at the hood of my car and saw this little dude, just begging to be photographed. He looks just like a teeny tiny airplane. All of the sudden he popped some wings out of somewhere (I dunno where he was hiding them) and took off. Very cool. I wish that I could have become his friend and then I could magically shrink and we could go on wild flying adventures together, sort of like Heavymetal (without all the naughties) so I guess it would be more like Neverending story. Yes, just like that.

dscn0625It’s adventure time little dude!

P.s. I’ll bake some cookies for whoever can tell me what kind of bug-man he is.

UPDATE: Little bugman has been identified as a Plume Moth. That’s what you get when you type “white t-shaped bug” into google. Thanks google, I wonder if that means I have to bake cookies for google.