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At the Park

The bunnies and I made three trips to the park this summer. We met many new people (we even happened to go with Star on a day that the Freaker group set up their mobile grilled cheese mobile at the park!) and did some pretty chill lounging in the sand.

Fiona… photo bombing on the right there at the Freaker Mobile.

Bunny backs are a common sight when you’re at the end of a leash…  Linus got a kick out of watching what the Freaker gang was up to on the other side of the tree.

And then Linus met the tiniest pocket kitten I’ve ever seen! She was undaunted about his considerable size and tried to pounce on his face. He didn’t even notice.

In Progress


Yes, it’s another embroidery. This time it’s one of my own drawings. I’m going to add some words to the top of this one. I’ve never done words, so that should be interesting (and by interesting I mean interesting by my standards). I love this drawing because on one hand they look so sweet, but there’s something sinister lurking behind those big bunny eyes.


Etsy of the Week – Pretty Random Objects –

It’s no secret that I love bunnies. Really, I do. Pretty Random Objects definitely takes the cake for absolutely cute ceramic bunnies and other ceramitastical neatness. One of these days, some of those bunnies will find a new home amidst the clutter in my room. Oh they make me smile!

mini_bunny_sculpturesMini Bunny Sculptures – set of three –

Dandelion Teacups – set of four –

bird_vaseBird Vase


We finished moving half the bad dirt from the three planter boxes and then replacing it with good dirt. It turns out that we have some GIANT WORMS building little worm cities and having little worm babies all over the place in those boxes.

This. Is. Excellent! This guy was really about twice as long when he stretched out. Hopefully it’ll have some big worm babies who will go on to have more worm babies who will eventually turn that nasty clay soil into wonderful vegetable soil in a few generations. How long do worms live for, anyway?


I put in 12 Hood strawberry plants today too! I’ll put some pictures up next time something gardeny happens. Mom and I went to pick up a load of barkchips for the yard and wound up stopping in at Geren’s Farm Supply (different from Burn’s Feed FarmMart). We got the strawberries and two artichoke plants, I’ll let you know how those do in a few weeks. I’ve never done artichokes, but they sure look cool in the planters. Geren’s had a giant tom turkey, some goats, pigeons, fish, birds, bunnies, roosters, chicks and (ultimate of ultimates!) they had a Flemish Giant (I know Star, we should have gone there. But I honestly had no idea how cool it would be. Next time.). I just about passed out when I found him in his playpen in the middle of the store. That is a BIG bunny, 24.5 pounds! Sigh…. I want. I want so badly! I think Monty would never talk to me again if I brought home another bunny though. He’s funny like that.photo_19

Empty Nest

This was a busy weekend! I made a whole batch of things for the etsy shop and received two orders within the hour. Totally unusual. Here are some of the little guys who have gone to new homes!

I gave Nick the bunny to my little friend Zia who just lost her pet dutch bunny, Nick (short for Bunnicula), who was about ten years old. The Brown lion went to Jennifer for her new baby and the black lion (Liam) went to a happy etsy buyer! I’m terribly pleased…