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Oui Presse & the Smile Mug

There has been a discovery made, of sorts. It turns out that there is a coffee shop down the street from our apartment that has the most amazing mocha in all of Portland. They use real chocolate and perhaps even butter? Either way, the effect is something along the lines of a melted bar of chocolate with a dash of coffee which, quite possibly is the most fantastic beverage on a chilly winter day. On one of our jaunts down there I zeroed in on this mug and spent our whole visit clutching it before I decided that I really didn’t want to part with it. Now, it’s my little chai buddy. I love that you have to buoy it up by the ears to drink from it instead of via a handle. If you’re in Portland, want a great mocha and a delightful mug then you should probably pop over to Oie Presse, maintenant.