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I feel like I’ve posted about Ana Serrano’s Cartonlandia before… perhaps on another blog in another life. She made this amazing town out of cardboard. She uses photos of real things to bring life to this totally cool place. My Folk Lover has had some great posts lately! Check them out to see this artist’s work and other neato things, cuz that’s where I found this.

I like how she’s used a flat photo of vines on this building, wrapping it around to give them some dimension and interest.

And Yet it Moves… Me

This is a little video of a new game called “And Yet it Moves”. The game features a cut-paper environment for you to run around in. You can download a free demo here. I’m trying out the demo and I love that you can rotate the world 360 degrees and when you fall too far, your bits fly off. It’s pretty cool for a little paper game!