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Veggie Trader

I have no idea how I found this site… it’s been a while since I did. The idea is that sometimes you have an excess of edibles that you’ve grown, or are accidentally growing (we’ve all seen apple trees loaded with fruit and no one wants to pick it), well here is a site where you can list all of your excess produce . I love this idea so much! Unfortunately, so far there’s very few people on (or at least no one within a 20 mile radius). You should check it out and join (it’s free) so that we can get more people and more produce on! Thanks Veggie Trader for stepping up to the plate and bringing something cool with you.


I’ll definitely list some squash on there if it goes as bonanza as I think it will (I have about 10 plants which will wind up being about 10 plants too many, I think) and maybe some potatoes if they’re as bountiful as they look. We’ll see.

The Garden

The Garden centers around a community garden that was started after the Los Angeles Riots in 1992 and happens to be the largest urban garden in America. It was 14 acres of farmland on the outskirts of Downtown Los Angeles maintained by the South Central Farmers. After 12 years of work and love, the farmers got a notice saying that the land had been sold and that the farm was going to be bulldozed. The movie documents the farmer’s struggles and what is currently happening with the property. I always feel stressed when I see this trailer. To have something so simple and beautiful as a community garden turn into ground zero for a political struggle is amazing and heart wrenching. Gardens should be happy and for everyone.

Thanks Kitsune Noir for reminding me about this movie.