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Corn Maze

Joe organized a trip to a big corn maze last weekend. We all hopped into a van and drove about an hour away along some twisty, dirt “highways” and finally got to a five acre field full of corn. Everyone split up pretty quickly and started in on what would turn out to be something like a two hour bit of frustration. I’d never done a corn maze but I like mazes in general… what I didn’t take into consideration is the fact that in a paper maze, you’re just moving a pencil around and you can see the whole thing. In a corn maze you have to walk it all in a little bit of mud and you can’t see more than 20 feet in front of you.

Snap. It was a long day.DSCN0583

In the middle of the corn maze they had a boat on a platform so that it looked like we were sailing through the corn. Majestic and fairly epic.DSCN0586

We found this after about an hour of wandering around. Probably more than that though because the frustration was already building.


DSCN0587After two hours (AT LEAST) we finally found the “Bell of Success!” Oh my, so long and so good. I don’t know if I want to do another one, but it was definitely worth going to at least once. Joe used to work at one of the Sauvie Island corn mazes so he spent a bit of the car ride talking about how he had corn mazes down… but we didn’t look at the aerial map before we went in and it was a several mile long maze. In the end it was mostly guesswork and luck, you should try it some time…