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Yesterday was so pretty that I spent a bit of time wandering around Craftsbury. I went over to the library and fell asleep in a patch of sun in one of the rocking chairs on the porch and then I walked down to the Sterling Farm and picked up some hay and played with some baby goats. Then I made some tea and took it out to the hammock and read a little bit of Dune with Micah and then Byron, Micah and I went to capture one of the bald-faced hornet nests I’d been eyeing over on The Common. I climbed up a big tree and took it down…


How COOL is that!? It’s pretty amazing. I brought it into the apartment and hung it up until two wasps woke up and crawled out of it this morning. If I was by myself I’d probably have just left it in the apartment but Joe and Micah made me put it on the porch until the rest of the wasps died. They should have died by now because we’ve had a couple of frosts, but apparently there are at least a couple still clinging on in there. Meh.

Micah and I went over to the apple tree by the kitchen and horked some apples for a pie. The apples were at least 1/2 pound each and the size of large softballs. They were really hard to knock down though, even though Micah was beating at them with a broom. We made a pie last night and then I used the rest to make a big batch of applesauce this afternoon for lunch.

DSCN0661 DSCN0660

Linus and I went for a walk around the yard in the sun. It was so nice and he stayed near me for the most part. I told you there would be a lot of Linus for a while, now didn’t I? Yep, I did…DSCN0654

Linus Part II

Do you remember how it was when I got Monty up to Olympia about two years ago (TWO YEARS! WOW.)? Well it’s going to be like that with Linus for a little while. That means pictures, and lots of them. Joe and I took Linus out on the common today and walked around the teeny farmers market this morning. We bought a cinnamon roll, some burritos and homemade donuts and then we ambled over to the bookstore where I got a used copies of The Home Craftsman and The Mushroom Hunters Field Guide for a few dollars. It was a good morning. Linus rode in a pack basket Joe made last year and said hello to a couple of people before we took him over to the grassy area in front of Merlin to roam around.

DSCN0567 DSCN0558

Linus and Joanna looking perplexed. DSCN0546

He looks so dopey-happy about that leaf. It’s got to be one of the tastiest dead leaves around.