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500 Flavors

Dad sent me a link to a short (12 minute) documentary about Soda Pop Stop in California, a store that only sells soda. It’s one of those neat little specialty stores that feature independent brewers, the etsy of the drink world. The documentary is really well done and makes me wish I was going through California on my way east just so that I could stop in… and I don’t even drink soda. What kind would I try? Chai Spice or Goya Coconut (doesn’t coconut soda sound really really good!?) or maybe even the Rhubarb soda



I watched Blindsight last night, a documentary about six blind Tibetan teenagers who climb 23,000-foot Lhakpa Ri on the North side of Mt. Everest. It’s in the Netflix “Watch Instantly” section so if you have Nety-flixie you’ve got no excuse not to see it. I think you see where I’m going with this.

It was interesting to see the dynamic change between the adults as the film progressed and you never once see the children complain. Their individual stories are amazing (before and after the film) and I think this is another example of changing attitudes towards the differently abled. The children are so sweet and determined that it made me a little teary… not because it is heartwarming, but because they have the kind of energy and personalities you don’t see very often and they are actively doing something with their lives.