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Kicking it with the 80’s Fashionista

Not this Christmas but the one before that my Grandmother Joyce gave me about five balls of self-striping yarn and I’ve moved it through a few houses since then without using is. Until now, that is. I rediscovered it two days ago and I had this instant flash of genius: an 80’s sweater for the sweet Willow. And oh man, it turned out perfectly! I just did about five inches of ribbing for her tum tum then just knit back and forth until it was about the right length, went back to knitting four more inches of ribbing and I was done. VOILA! A perfect Winky sweater.


Unfortunately she’s still itchy whenever we put clothing on her and this sweater is no exception. She looks sporty anyway.p1030014

Sigh… I still have four balls of yarn. Maybe Monty needs a matching cape?