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Watch, and be Merry

Oh my GOODNESS! I love everything about this video; from the sweet Icelandic folky images, to the drawing style, to the way everything moves. AH! I could marry this video and be completely content for the rest of my life. Celeste Potter has some more of her really nice animation on her myspace page so be sure to check them out (I can’t for the life of me figure out how those pages work. There’s crap all over them and sometimes it’s related, sometimes it’s not. Sigh… I feel silly).

p.s. I REALLY love the music for this video as well. It’s called No Turning Back by Sarah Blasko.

In Progress


Yes, it’s another embroidery. This time it’s one of my own drawings. I’m going to add some words to the top of this one. I’ve never done words, so that should be interesting (and by interesting I mean interesting by my standards). I love this drawing because on one hand they look so sweet, but there’s something sinister lurking behind those big bunny eyes.



catman_78This guy is the second in a series taken from a set of drawings my Dad did when I was much smaller than I am now. Don’t worry, when I’m done they’ll all be reunited in a single post. Very glorious, promise. I’m still not happy with the smaller cat he’s holding… we’ll see what happens with that at some point. I really loved that he looked like an evil cat genius in the drawings… and somehow he’s turned into a regular classy catman.

The toes on his shoes are my favorite part. It’s the little things…