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Morning Surprise!

I’ve been putting more and more photos up on Flickr recently and finding some great design ideas at the same time. This morning I was cruising through the people who have favorited one or more of my embroidery photos when I discovered this little beauty tucked away in Chickenfoot’s “favorites”! Oh this makes me so happy!

Marilynkb bought one of my Manimals patterns and here I am, actually getting to see how it turned out! I never imagined how thrilling it would be to stumble on someone else’s interpretation of a pattern I’ve made. I think they turned out so well. Oh it’s a good day!

Etsy of the Week -LauraGeorge-

I stumbled on these unbelievably sweet prints on etsy today and decided to share them. The shop is called laurageorge and I’m firmly convinced that any wall would be the coolest wall ever if it were covered with her prints.


This is by far my FAVORITE print out of the whole lot… even on the whole of etsy at the moment. I want it so badly that I can almost feel it in my bones!

Hungry Hairbeast Friends

Deep In It

home Mustache Friend with Bird

Worry Bunnies

So, I’ve finished a great number of little worry bunnies and here they are! I’ve heard from a little Star that someone might be interested in one…

The four along the bottom haven’t been stuffed yet, and the yellow bunny in the second row hasn’t been sewn up yet, but the rest are all done. The ones that aren’t quite finished yet certainly can be in a jiff.

These are the unfinished, but almost finished buns. There’s a wee bit of a discount if you get two o’them.