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Etsy of the Week – Yokoo –

I hear it gets cold in Vermont. I think I have a solution…

Ok, I know it hasn’t been a full week since the last one but I feel pretty good doing whatever I want, including oogling the amazing knit things over at Yokoo on etsy. Holy Macaronni! Have you ever stumbled upon something early in the morning and it took you a while to process what, exactly, it was you were looking at? And then fireworks happened in your brain as you connected the dots and little lights went on and everything started telling you “OH man, you should be about ten times more excited than you are” as the rest of you struggles to catch up because really, it is quite early and everything is still a bit muzzy when you’re cradling a cup of chai in your jim-jams without your glasses on. I’m still trying to process just how amazing the knitted things are at Yokoo especially when you pair it with the interview Etsy did with the artist. I want to meet this lady, I want to meet her and talk about knitting, life and bunnies. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? It does to me…

The Nantucket Cowl in Pony Grey
The Oatmeal Soopascarf
The Raw Brown Warmer
The Yokoo Spectacles
The Paynes Grey Klumpen Hat
I love everything about this picture… everything from the idea behind it to whatever went into making that crazy-amazing hat to the quality of the photograph.
Braided Chain in Pony Grey
This is by far my favorite idea. I want to make this, I want to wear it and I want to squeeze it because I can imagine how springy it would feel.

Etsy Shop of the Week -Lizarietz-

After spending so much time at camp away from such crazy technology as the internets, truly hot water and functioning freezers I spent a good chunk of my morning weeding through my favorite shops on Etsy. I’d forgotten how much I missed looking at all of the pretty things… what did I do before I found Etsy? Twas the dark ages m’dear. Anywho, I realized that the majority of the shops I like either have fancy stuffed animals or really neat ceramic things and I feel like I’ve done both categories justice. Tucked away in there are some clothing and jewelry based shops as well and those definitely haven’t been featured yet. This week it’ll be Lizarietz, a clothing shop. It’s always ok to look, no matter how expensive things are because half of the beauty of these outfits is the photography. Enjoy!

il_fullxfull88017112The Cross Back Jumper

This is one of my favorite pieces because of the pockets, the way the seams wrap and do pretty things and the colors.

The Ruffle Dress

There’s something about the little details (it’s all in those ruffles man, they’re just so pretty!) that makes my brain smile when I see these outfits. I can’t tell whether it’s the dresses themselves or the photographs that makes me want to print these pictures out and paste them to my dresser door (if I had a wardrobe door, that is)?

The Sailor Dress

How can you not love the little ruffly detail going across there? Not possible… especially when you know how hard that is. I could probably wear that… I mean if you twisted my arm and everything… Oh you brute, fine fine I’ll wear it I guess.

The Batwing Tunic with Knotted Collar

I’m more than a little in love with this picture and, more specifically that stone fish. The colors are oh so pretty and gauzy and flowy…

Brown Linen Cloche

When I add an etsy shop to my favorites it also adds the shop to my RSS feed and lets me know whenever the shop puts anything new up. The vast majority of my notifications involve these clothe hats. I like how they’re gathered and ruffled just enough to make them interesting but their colors are so simple and quiet that the hat recedes into the background and only acts as an accent. Nice.

Etsy Shop of the Week -Lemmikkiapina-

I was looking at Kitty Genius’ blog post about Lemmikkiapina’s etsy shop and I knew I had to post about her amazing little creatures. I love the proportions of their lovely bodies and the texture of their fur and how sweet their little poses are. These make my heart melt a little… no, wait, more than a little. I would love to buy one of her lovelies, set it on a shelf and covet it for the rest of my days.

il_fullxfull79977399The White Donkey
il_fullxfull74799563Circus Rabbit
il_fullxfull73855140Blue Fox

My First Crush

I found this little video on Le Love today called My First Crush by Julia Pott. I love her work (and I suspected this was the same lady who does all of the intros for the Etsy videos I love so dearly… and it is!) and this video is one of the sweetest things I’ve seen. I want to crawl inside of it and live with the polar bear and birdie.

Etsy of the Week – Penguin & Fish

I’ve been coveting the creations over at for some time now, ever since I saw the little horsies. They remind me of the Mr. Lunch because of how the eyes are placed on their heads. They have kitties, horses and embroidery patterns that you can buy and buy and buy. I wish their descriptions and names were as cute as they are though.


F Fox Embroidery Pattern

Unicorn #40

Oh My

More little friends, available dans le shoppe! From left to right: Sigfried, Mignon and Liza. Check ’em out!

Sweet Sasha

Say hello to the latest crafty epiphany from yours truly. I have a ton of empty tins from the chai I get at Trader Joe’s making a pyramid in the garage, just begging to be made into something interesting…. so…. Ta DAH! I peel off the wrapper and underneath it is a really great shiny cardboard + metal tin. Then I attach the embroidery to the bottom of the tin in a secure and crafty way (with some padding underneath so it’s soft like a little pillow) and then I wrap the tin in yarn. There’s a metal lip on the under side of the tin which makes it really easy to hang on a wall and the plastic lid still fits on the bottom so you can use it as a container for on a coffee table or something. I love multipurpose & recycled things, don’t you? He’s over in the shop, along with other coolness soon to be joined by additional pieces of awesome.


You can read about Sasha and his lisp in the shop!brian_14

I think he’s one of my favorites…

Shop Update!

I’ve finally gotten around to listing most of the things that I didn’t sell last month and that aren’t over at Twelve Mile Market! Here they are, you can either see them directly in the etsy shop or you can go to the shop tab at the top of this blog and rest your lovely eyes on them there.

milo_gigi_45Milo and Gigi
charlie_horse16Chachi Horse
tina_yaya59Tina and Yaya