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Effortless… or so it seems

So, today was the first of five winter Farmers Markets in Craftsbury. I worked pretty hard for the entire week making hair pins, finger puppets, fabric birds, wool pom poms, needle felted wood-legged animals… and so many many more. I borrowed Paul and Keren’s big drying rack and John’s wee drying rack for displays and spent two hours setting things up in the Craftsbury Academy common area.



Woolies on parade!


I made a mess of hand warmers in monkey fabric, finger puppets, fabric covered buttons and needle felted critters including…


Mister Deer-man! I’m pretty proud of that one.


Here are the two ponies, a llama and a sheep. So good. But so fragile.


And here are some of the felted pins I made. I bought a felted flower pin years ago at Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland and I love it so I decided to make some for this sale. They turned out pretty well if I do say so myself. After the last sale I decided that I needed to make some more… conventional things. My answer where these flower pins, some fabric covered buttons, fabric birds, wool pom poms and those needle felted animals. All in all I was right, those were the things I got the most comments on and what actually sold at the end of the day. I’m glad I did it.

Linus Part II

Do you remember how it was when I got Monty up to Olympia about two years ago (TWO YEARS! WOW.)? Well it’s going to be like that with Linus for a little while. That means pictures, and lots of them. Joe and I took Linus out on the common today and walked around the teeny farmers market this morning. We bought a cinnamon roll, some burritos and homemade donuts and then we ambled over to the bookstore where I got a used copies of The Home Craftsman and The Mushroom Hunters Field Guide for a few dollars. It was a good morning. Linus rode in a pack basket Joe made last year and said hello to a couple of people before we took him over to the grassy area in front of Merlin to roam around.

DSCN0567 DSCN0558

Linus and Joanna looking perplexed. DSCN0546

He looks so dopey-happy about that leaf. It’s got to be one of the tastiest dead leaves around.


I found myself in the magical land of Olympia this weekend for Peter’s birthday. We went to the Great Wolf Lodge, played on FANTASTIC water slides (the best was called the Howlin’ Tornado… Star and I screamed the entire way down) and spent the night. The next day I dropped Star off for an interview and then hit up Goodwill. My quest for an ice cream machine came to an end when I found a fully functional Rival Yogurt and Ice Cream maker for $8.00, two 12 cup mini muffin tins for $.99 each and some little lantern Christmas lights for $5.00. That’s some great loot. After her interview, Star and I went to Bark and Garden where I found some more air plants. Then we went to the Olympia Farmers Market where I got some new asparagus, a lemon verbena plant and an apple mint plant.


There is tons of cool things happening in this photo. 1.) yes, that is the crystal garden Star gave me for my birthday, there in the lower right 2.) the air plant closest to us looks like one of the aliens from the Simpson 3.) the further air plant has red tips 4.) yes, those are ghost salt and pepper shakers hugging. End result: 100% amazing.


Star with the pretty daffodils she bought at the Oly. Farmers Market. So pretty!