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Have at You!

Ok, a few days ago my friend Brian put this up on his blog: Uniquely the Same. I chuckled a few times and then saved it onto my desktop for future giggles. As the days went by, I kept giggling and now it’s come to the point where I have to put it up here or face the fact that I might giggle forever and ever if I don’t. Thanks Brian, for making my mornings.

Little Girl Remix

Oh man! In the ten seconds I have between camp, camp and more camp I found this video of a little girl that someone remixed and made sound like an Aphex Twin song. So cool! Stick with it…. it gets more and more amazing the longer you watch. I know the beginning is a little creep-tastic, but it turns into a really catchy little song.

Via: Kistune Noir


I found two blogs in one day: Sexy People and Awkward Family Photos. Both blogs feature photos that would have been better off buried in the back yard under a concrete slab somewhere. Some are sweet, some are sad and most just make me shudder a bit. What is it about family photos that are almost always doomed from the get-go? Ugh. I know I found some “treasures” in our box of photos yesterday when I was rifling through them, and a couple could have been contenders against little Diego here…



Sweet, sweet Diego.

Pictures for Sad Children

Star showed me John Campbell’s webcomic when she was here last. I’d known about it before, but I thought his blog was his real website (oops! Silly me…). I’ve been waiting to share with ya’ll until I found one that I especially liked and it just so happened that this week’s was pretty darn funny.

Heehee… this is still great, a few days later…