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I’m in Heaven and it’s called Bob’s Red Mill

I’ve been working at Twelve Mile Market since Christmas and I have yet to get myself down to Bob’s Red Mill in Clackamas. Sad, isn’t it? Yes, it is. For those of you who haven’t heard of Bob’s or have and just haven’t been to their store or purchased any of their products, listen up, I’m about to tell ya’ll about it. ‘Kay?

Bob’s Red Mill mainly produces grains but there are TONS of other products like beans and lentils and mixes to choose from. They have an impressive selection of gluten free and organic products in addition to their regular food stuffs. Mom and I walked in and my brain let out a little “Ooooohhhhh! Loook!” They have over 400 products and a very good bulk section, everything from muesli to chickpea flower. Mom and I had a very good breakfast there and spent about two hours wandering around collecting a mountain of stuff in the cart. We even got a pasta machine! Woot! I even found some unsweetened coconut (which I’ve had a really hard time finding).

bulk72Check out all the bulk grains we got! This cost about $20 and the pasta machine was only $30. Everything is really reasonably priced and it’s right down the road from our nearest Trader Joe’s, so anything we can’t get at Bob’s or Twelve Mile, we can get at Joe’s. Nice, huh? I would definitely recommend Bob’s 10 grain cereal and 5 grain rolled oats mixed together in hot cereal for breakfast the mornings.