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Knitting on Campus

Joe and I are trying to start a knitting/crafting group around these parts and now that Stardust bookstore/cafe is part of the school, it’ll be a mite bit easier to do it in a comfy place now!

Here’s the poster that will (hopefully) stir up some interest. Woot! Let’s knit/crochet/spin/sew/embroider this weekend!

Captain Craigslist

On a wee whim I decided to oogle google my name and up comes, of all things, the craigslist magazine I did for class last year. The project was to imagine if craigslist were to put out a monthly magazine and then design one. It could be about anything but it had to reflect the aesthetics of craigslist. So, after weeding through a mountain of best-of’s (and yes, I scrolled through ALL of the pages of thousands of best-of’s), I found a subculture within craigslist: the superhero/super villain/time machine/ninja group of people posting ads. I decided to make an extra super issue of the would-be craigslist magazine. I took many of the “wanted” ads for things and made a section and then I combined several different stories to make the larger stories within the issue. I wanted it to look pretty rough, sort of late 80’s/early 90’s colors and this is what I came up with. Enjoy!

The Beauty Under Your Feets

Smashing Magazine had a collection of “40 Beautiful Skateboard Designs” today. Skateboards are another one of those cool graphic design niches I forget about until I see a really good one. When I was looking at these I noticed that most of Smashing’s favorites came from the same site, Deckpeck. From what I can tell it’s a collection of artists who do things Dude-related. You know what I mean. Anyway, here are some of my favorites from Smashing’s article:

BRC‘s “Whistle in Champagne”

Andrew Graves Andrew Graves (P.S. His other work is also AMAZING!)


Resurrection Via Design

Another good TED talk about whether good design can save the endangered newspapers. My parents have canceled their subscription but I bet if a newspaper became a thing of beauty, something worth the paper it was printed on, that subscription would happen again. Via: Swissmiss.

P.S. If you haven’t heard of TED talks, GET ON IT! There are so many amazing people talking about what they know for FREE. So cool. There was one about Benjamin Button’s face that was very very cool.

GigPosters – A –

If you haven’t heard of gigposters.com already, you’re about to. They have a huge collection of band posters (you know, those things you see plastering street lights and buildings) organized by band and artist. I’ve been browsing through all the posters for years now and I’ve decided to go through alphabetically by artist and pick out my favorite groups/artists. Then I’m going to post one example poster from said artist here with a link to that artist’s page. Anyway, this is going to be a weekly occurance. Check out the wonderful letter “B” next week.


Aesthetic Apparatus


Jorge Alderete


Jessalyn Aaland


Christopher Ashley


Arrache- Toi Un Oeil


Andrio Abero

What the Heck has she been up to?


Click me to go to inside of catalog


Click me to go to outside of catalog

I’ve been taking one of mummy’s design classes this quarter and one of the projects was to design an eight page catalog for Zappos shoes in InDesign. We were supposed to pick a brand/type/gender/color…. in other words, we were supposed to find some sort of theme from which to pick a number of shoes (our choice) and then include some information about the site, shoes and a size chart. Beyond those pretty general guidelines we could do just about whatever. I chose Simple shoes (sustainable, some vegan, recycled, etc.) and did a two-sided, four panel folding catalog (28 x 7.5 inches). I scanned some felt and a pair of corduroy pants for texture and then drew all of the little critters to do with the whole nature/sustainable theme. You can click on the thumbnails up there to go to the inside of the catalog (left) and the outside (right).

Click me to go to full-size poster

Click me to go to full-size poster

The other class I’ve been taking is a beginning design class with Jennifer Thomas. So far we’ve been messing about with Illustrator and one of the projects we were assigned was to create a poster for the MHCC Integrated Media focus we’re in (it’s a mix of radio, photography, design and video students) using content from the IM website. We had to use the pen tool and the specific content from our individual sections, beyond that we could do anything with our 11 x 17 poster. I used birds… and a tree…. I’m sensing a theme. However, I made one set of birds and trees more realistic than the others, so it’s not too similar. Or so I’m going to tell myself. I think I’ll have to ban birds and trees for the rest of the quarter. Meh. You can click on the thumbnail on the right to see the full-size version of the poster.