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I Know All About You

I love to find my old grocery lists tucked away in books that I haven’t read in a while. There’s something endearing about their misspellings, the weird combination of items and seeing the same things reappear list after list after list. I think there’s something equally charming and intriguing about other people’s lists… someone else apparently thought so as well and created Grocerylists.org. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. (NOTE: The site is horrendous… but the lists are great if and when you’re actually able to locate the link to them on that fugly site.)


“If you buy more rice – I’ll punch you”


“1- Large Ben Gay

1- 2 pack Caress Soup”


I have no idea what happened last night… but it doesn’t sound good judging from this collection…0140Whoever this is needs a ton of cleaning supplies all at once. Moving in to a new place? I hope so…