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Made with the Hands

Ok, ok, they’re not ALL hand made. The first two are, and I admire them all the more for their handcraftidness. However, I couldn’t resist adding the pig snouts and dancing tea cups in, who can resist pig snouts!?

I found this mushroom-shaped birdhouse over in Mudpuppy’s shop. How cute is that!?

I don’t think birds would actualy live in there, but I bet they’d be more than happy to use it as a seed buffet.

Craftzine had a little feature on Loyal Loot Collective’s Log Bowls. How cool are these!? They are made from locally reclaimed trees (well, local if you’re from Calgary) and are finished with acrylic paint and a water based high gloss finish.

Dad found this pig snout cup on Sub-Studio Design. I’ve never been a fan of those paper cups that have the silly noses printed on the side, but this is much classier.

Jorine has made these little ceramic vessels with so much personality I’m tempted to get some and play dolly with them. They look like they’re having so much fun, tottering around on tables holding your butter or other foodie goodness that they’d probably make any table look hip. No? Oh, and I think those pig nose cups were made with Jorine as part of the team.Hey it looks liek Jorine has internships. INTERESTED? Yes, yes I am. However, I don’t think the Netherlands is where I want to be quite yet. Or where Monty wants to be dragged. I can imagine him thumping in his carrier the whole way there.