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Etsy Love

Ok, since it’s the holidays I decided to ramble through my “Favorite Items” list on etsy. These are all things I love love love and want to hold/fawn over. Don’t you? And since it’s the holidays, I decided to share some of my top favorites with ya’ll. Ready? Here goes!

Batman (embroidered necklace) via: Spinthread

This shop has some amazing embroidered jewelry, I love how they’re using lace to cover up the back side of each piece.

Maiya (archival print) via: Doubleparlor

Doubleparlor has some beautiful and amazing original sculptures for sale along the same lines as the one in this print

Needle Felted Owl via: Chocolate Beans

Chocolate beans has a whole family of wonderfully adorable little birds. You like this one? You’ll definitely like the others…


Brown Leggings with Turquoise Birds via: Malu

These are extra long stencil-printed leggings… I think I’m in love!

Accordion Music via: Roadside

This shop is full of wonderful prints as good or better than this one.

Orwell Clutch: Silver Piggy Purse via: Tsurubride

This shop has some pretty WONDERFUL animal-themed clutches (ranging from elephants to piggies), the series is named after George Orwell and his book “Animal Farm”. Check these guys OUT!

Camp Trailer Birdhouse via:  RALFG08

Knit Lab Rat via: Crafty Hedgehog Lulu Shoulder Bag via: Ericka Bazile

This is a sweet little cotton bag…

Lotus Mary Janes via: Hydra Heart

It’s terribly rare that I can find any vegan shoes. Not only are these vegan but they’re also extremely reasonably priced. The rest of their shoes are equally beautiful.

Silver Baby Elephant Ring via:  Michelle Chang Jewelry

Topography in Aqua via: Crafterall

This shop has some neat, handcut topographical pieces… I love the texture of the paper and the beautiful colors.

Presidential Wrestling Themed Ornaments via: Yee-Haw Industries

These make me giggle every. single. time.

Nudiped via:  KitLane

Baby it’s Cold Outside via:  Seasprayblue

I love the proportions of all of the prints in this shop… including the very idea of Log Lady.

Ceramic Pig Planter via:  Fruit Fly

Primitiv via: Modern Illustrations

Margarita the Plus Bunny via:  Girl Savage

Everything here is ridiculously adorable…

All White Deerman via: Me.la.bo

This shop has some pretty amazing sculptures that border upon wonderfully kooky

New Threads

I’ve been doing some small crafty things. I knit Joe a hat for Christmas and, since I couldn’t wait until that crazy holiday to give it to him I also decided to write a pattern for it and have him pose for some pictures. So, the pattern is in the etsy shop (check it out!) and the hat has been on his head ever since…

rolling_hills73 rolling_hills82

I also started a new series of tins. I’ve run out of the actual tins until after Christmas, but I’m busy making the embroideries that will go on them when they reach my sweat, busy little fingers.foxy62

Foxy Suit deery85 And a quiet Deery…

Stay tuned for these guys in the shop after the holidays.

Crafty Business

So, as you all know I haven’t worked at Bonnieview for a while. What you might not know is that it’s crazy difficult to find a job in rural Vermont… in winter. So, here I am getting down to crafty. This weekend (Saturday) is the first Winter Farmers Market and I’m going to be vending everything I can dream up. I’ve been roosting in the apartment for the last week, my little fingers busy at the sewing machine, embroidery needle and anything else I can think of. What does that look like? This!


I just discovered this thing called shank buttons. You know, those buttons that aren’t flat but have that little metal hoop in the back. I found a shop on etsy that sells kits that let you make your own fabric covered buttons. I hand embroidered all of the teal ones in the pictures but I’m not sure how well I like them. They’re fairly difficult to keep centered when you put the buttons in the mold. They’re 3/4 inch buttons. How cool is that!?

DSCN1091Look at all them buttons!


Some of the new batch of finger puppets.DSCN1083

Here are just a few of some stuffed bird ornaments. Some have loops to hang them from things and others have little alligator clips so that they can perch on whatever the feel like. There’s about 15 of these.   DSCN1065

Here are the birds again and one of the puff balls I’ve been making. The puff balls are extremely simple and fun to make. Essentially you make them the same way you would make a yarn ball (like the kind you put on the top of a knit hat) but you use wool roving instead of yarn. They’re so soft and light and fuzzy, I really like how they look. I got the idea from Wee Wonderfuls and used the technique from Kid Craft Central.

DSCN1066Here’s a new woolie man man. I really like this one….


I saw an epically beautiful horse on etsy that used wooden sticks for legs and I decided to give it a try. I really really like how it turned out! It reminds me of a cave painting horse with it’s thick body and spindly legs. The head pivots around too…

DSCN1053 anna_mollie72Lastly I got a custom order on etsy! This person wanted custom portraits of she and her sister as little girls. I think they turned out rather well, no? Any Christmas requests?

One Week

What do I want to do for the week that I’m home?! Oh I’ll tell you what I want to do. It looks something like hitting up every crafty venue I can get my busy little self into. I’m a little craft starved out here (that includes supplies as well) so I’m going to be taking full advantage of Portland’s wicked craft scene.

Knittn Kitten

I discovered this place today and it’s what started this craving for fabric and buttons and everything else crafty. I had no idea this vintage crafting thrift store existed in Portland and now my fingers are itching to touch all of their things!

Fabric Depot

I’m dangerously low on felt and pretty cotton prints because of the crafting mania I’ve been experiencing. This is where I’m going to fix that wee problem.

Voodoo Doughnuts

Crafting demands fuel, need I say more?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I want to soak up Portland as much as I can while I’m home and I think I’m off to a good start when I look at these websites. What are YOUR plans for the holidays?