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From Sheep to Feet in 14 Days

The story of Joe’s socks has come to an end (at least when it comes to the making-of-the-socks part). Here they are, together at last and on to the next adventure: being worn and keeping feet warm. Now you can see the whole process from start (the shearing of the sheep) to middle (the processing of the wool) to end (the knitting of the socks). The second sock wound up with some pretty sweet stripe action happening because there were some huge patches of white on that half of the fleece. It was so much fun knitting along just to see what color would come up next! Now… what’s next?

Wool, the Final Stage

A few days ago, I posted the results of some hard work involving soap, wool and a spinning wheel. Now it’s time to look at the same wool once it’s met some knitting needles! I took the yarn I spun and knit Joe one half a pair of socks. One sock took an entire spool of yarn… that’s a really big foot. They are most definitely the largest socks I’ve ever knit… and a big contrast to the tiny baby shoes I’ve been knitting.

Socks for size 13 foots…

I hand carded and spun the wool so I would have sections of dark, medium and light colored wool. Joe took wool from the same fleece and ran it through a drum carder which blended all of the different fibers together. This made an evenly medium grey batch of wool roving without the variation that I like so much. It was a much faster process though…

Now it’s time to get down with that second sock!


Mummy and Dad got me Baking Illustrated for Christmas this year. So far I made the granola, and the spiced biscotti recipes but Joe has been going butter/baking crazy. He’s made the yellow cake (aka cupcakes) and by far the BEST chocolate chip cookies I have ever EVER tasted. I can’t stress this enough. If you can get your hands on a Baking Illustrated cookbook or the Cook’s Illustrated website subscription MAKE THESE COOKIES. As fast as you can!

Snow, Through the Eyes of a Rabbit

Since it was so sunny but so cold we decided to take Linus for a romp. He hasn’t been in the snow since his last shave and he did pretty well considering his lack of fur.

Headed toward the great whiteness, with a smaller lump of whiteness.

I’m clutching Linus in my arms, my gloves in my teeth getting ready to plop him in the middle of this mysterious snow.

His feet look like little raccoon hands to me.

And then there are always attempts to toss him into snowbanks…

New Threads

I’ve been doing some small crafty things. I knit Joe a hat for Christmas and, since I couldn’t wait until that crazy holiday to give it to him I also decided to write a pattern for it and have him pose for some pictures. So, the pattern is in the etsy shop (check it out!) and the hat has been on his head ever since…

rolling_hills73 rolling_hills82

I also started a new series of tins. I’ve run out of the actual tins until after Christmas, but I’m busy making the embroideries that will go on them when they reach my sweat, busy little fingers.foxy62

Foxy Suit deery85 And a quiet Deery…

Stay tuned for these guys in the shop after the holidays.

Fur Coat Goes A Climbin’

I’m finally getting around to putting up pictures from the last couple of weeks! Woot! The internet appears to be cooperating long enough to get something done for once. Anyway, a week ago our friend Micah from camp this summer came out for a visit! We were the first stop on her epic hitch-hiking road trip from here down to the glorious place called Mexico. We decided to try out the climbing wall here on one of the weekends she was here and it was so much fun! Joe took the “pimp coat” out for a spin (it’s made several famous appearances at camp and it crouched in the corner of my room until I brought it cross country with me) and it was glorious.DSC02722


Micah and I decided this picture looked like he was posing for an Eddie Bauer-esque catalog. Heehee..



This is definitely one of the most epic climbing pictures that have ever graced this blog.


Micah is reenacting a Slow Loris (WHO comes up with these names!?) getting tickled… too perfect.

DSC02750 DSC02708DSC02824 I was belaying Joe, until he swung on his way down and tripped me on purpose. We’re just swinging back and forth like a big pendulum at this point. It was a good day for a climb… and a jacket.

Corn Maze

Joe organized a trip to a big corn maze last weekend. We all hopped into a van and drove about an hour away along some twisty, dirt “highways” and finally got to a five acre field full of corn. Everyone split up pretty quickly and started in on what would turn out to be something like a two hour bit of frustration. I’d never done a corn maze but I like mazes in general… what I didn’t take into consideration is the fact that in a paper maze, you’re just moving a pencil around and you can see the whole thing. In a corn maze you have to walk it all in a little bit of mud and you can’t see more than 20 feet in front of you.

Snap. It was a long day.DSCN0583

In the middle of the corn maze they had a boat on a platform so that it looked like we were sailing through the corn. Majestic and fairly epic.DSCN0586

We found this after about an hour of wandering around. Probably more than that though because the frustration was already building.


DSCN0587After two hours (AT LEAST) we finally found the “Bell of Success!” Oh my, so long and so good. I don’t know if I want to do another one, but it was definitely worth going to at least once. Joe used to work at one of the Sauvie Island corn mazes so he spent a bit of the car ride talking about how he had corn mazes down… but we didn’t look at the aerial map before we went in and it was a several mile long maze. In the end it was mostly guesswork and luck, you should try it some time…