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Captain Craigslist

On a wee whim I decided to oogle google my name and up comes, of all things, the craigslist magazine I did for class last year. The project was to imagine if craigslist were to put out a monthly magazine and then design one. It could be about anything but it had to reflect the aesthetics of craigslist. So, after weeding through a mountain of best-of’s (and yes, I scrolled through ALL of the pages of thousands of best-of’s), I found a subculture within craigslist: the superhero/super villain/time machine/ninja group of people posting ads. I decided to make an extra super issue of the would-be craigslist magazine. I took many of the “wanted” ads for things and made a section and then I combined several different stories to make the larger stories within the issue. I wanted it to look pretty rough, sort of late 80’s/early 90’s colors and this is what I came up with. Enjoy!

Mike Perry aka Midwest is Best

“Doodling away night and day, Perry creates new typefaces and sundry graphics that inevitably evolve into his new work, exercising the great belief that the generating of piles is the sincerest form of creative process.”

My parents were looking at Mike Perry’s site this morning and at some point I was called over to see some of the little patterns he had drawn. That was about an hour ago and since then I’ve been wading through his site finding one awesome illustration after another. I admire every piece he has up on his stupidly complicated site. If you want to go and see more of his things, it’s worth trying to navigate around that site… trust me. Mike, dude, simplify your site… it’s a pain.


Untitled Magazine is one of Perry’s creations… and it is gorgeous. This is from the third issue… oh man it’s only $6.00 for this one (16 pages) and it’s $14.00 for the second issue (an 80 page swim suit issue). After the sale next weekend, we’ll see if I have any play money. I know exactly where it’s gonna go!


The Black Kids (Spin Magazine)


Skull Tree


The Landscape Between Time and Space


Holiday Zine 2008holiday_zine_2008_2

Holiday Zine 2008holiday_zine_2008

Holiday Zine 2008

Anywho, at some point during my travels this morning I wound up buying his Holiday Zine 2008. It was only $8.00 including shipping and it had most of my favorite illustrations in it. How great is that!?