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Tara Donovan

I was browsing through Mankind Magazine’s Consumption Issue (Issue #6) when I found a piece about Tara Donovan. She makes these wonderful, organic shapes out of everyday objects (although, more disturbing, is the idea that these probably aren’t used, but evidence of her own enormous consumption).

Mankind Magazine

I wound up buying my first issue of Mankind Magazine a few months ago (it was a whopping $1 and it came to me as a lovely PDF) and I fell in love with their design aesthetic. Since then I found them on Issuu.com and I downloaded all of the issues I could. They have this grungy, low budget but interesting design that they carry through all of their issues. Something about their point of view makes my eyeballs happy. You can get a bunch of free issues from issuu.com, all you’ve got to do is set up a simple account and you get them for free (plus alot of other electronic-based magazines) or you can look at them without even setting up any account thingy.

Issue 2

Issue 2

Check it out.. or be square… sucka!