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The Great Trimming

My parents visited this past week and snapped some pretty cool pictures with their fancy phones while they were here. Among those pictures they managed to capture Linus just before I gave him his tri-monthly haircut…

Linus tends to get so much calmer and happier once he’s starkers… and he feels so much like a little warm lamby that I have trouble not cuddling him all of the time!

The Wayback Machine

Well… it’s getting closer to June when I start my staff training at the camp. I went there when I was younger and now I’m going back as a counselor. Dad found some pictures from 2001 when they dropped me off for the first day, so very long ago. Notice that I’m rocking braces AND crimped hair. Unfortunately I could only ever crimp the top layers… it was a good look. At least I’m hella excited… and that makes up for all sorts of fashion issues.


I’ve finally picked out a campname! Hint: it’s a flower, and it’s way better than anything I came up with in that post a while ago. But I’m also not going to tell you yet. That’ll have to wait.

Handmade Nation

I went to the very last Portland screening of Handmade Nation at the Museum of Contemporary Craft last night. I went down early and stopped by Crafty Wonderland in the basement of the Doug Fir which was great. I cut it really close to closing time but there were still about twenty people shopping. I wandered around in that area for a while after the sale closed, stopping in at some of the vintage/indie/knick knack stores down the block. Then I wound up over by Powells and Anthropology. I got a gift certificate to Anthro for my birthday so I popped into their sale room where I found something that made me get all wheezy-excited. Star and I were downtown at Anthro a few months ago and I’d seen for $128. Everything about it screamed “BUY ME, I’LL LOVE YOU FOREVER!” except the price tag. Now, only a few months later it was sitting pretty in the sale closet. “NO way! Ok, if they have it in a size 4 I’ll do a little dance and try it on, ” I thought. Damn, they did. So I had to try it on. “If it fits, I’ll just see how much is on my card,” I thought again. Sigh… it did. “Ok, if I have $25 or more on this card, I’ll get it.” Double damn, I had $25. Now, you can see where all these escalating promises get me into trouble every time. Usually they don’t work out and I go on my merry way, but when they do work out it’s usually when it’s the big stuff. Now, I know I made a promise not to buy any new clothing, but this is how I’m going to justify my insane extravagence: 1. It’s Anthropology, so I know that I’ll probably still be wearing it when I’m old because it’s just that well made, 2. I had a git card and it was on sale AND I’d had my eye on it when it wasn’t on sale, 3. JUST LOOK at it, it’s gorgeous, 4. I’m almost 1/4 way through 2009 and I haven’t gotten anything new until now so that’s good. Ah well, what am I justifying myself to you for? Meh. I love it and that’s enough.

Anyway, back on track. At 5:30 I trotted down to the Museum of Contemporary Craft for the movie. I got a complimentary issue of American Craft and some buttons. They were taking pictures of people wearing handmade things (handmade by themselves OR others) so I got up and they took a picture of me with the necklace I made a few years ago in my jewelry making class at the college.

The movie was great and the people in the audience were all decked out in their fancy handmade bits and pieces. It was one of those great moments when you realize how big this whole handmade/DIY movement is. I just watched Wallmart: The High Cost of Low Prices and Handmade Nation seemed to balance everything out in my mind. Here’s the official trailer for the video, you get a pretty good feel for what the movie is like and it covers just about everyone who was interviewed.

One of my favorite interviews was with the Little Friends of Printmaking. I love their work, their aesthetic and their mentality about work and what they do. I linked to their gigposters.com page because thier regular site is terrible to try to navigate around in.

Ancient History

Alright, so we’ve moved… whazza big deal? If you’re new (and I love you all the more for your newness) there used to be another one of these at blogger. But now we’re here. However, since we get to learn all sorts of dandy things from the past, I’m going to make sure you can link back and view all of that ancient history hanging about back at blogger. Alright? Good.

Greenerliving will still be there (I’m more sentimental than I’ll let on at the moment) and by clicking on “Greenerliving” you can travel back to it… like magic!photo2