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Fur Coat Goes A Climbin’

I’m finally getting around to putting up pictures from the last couple of weeks! Woot! The internet appears to be cooperating long enough to get something done for once. Anyway, a week ago our friend Micah from camp this summer came out for a visit! We were the first stop on her epic hitch-hiking road trip from here down to the glorious place called Mexico. We decided to try out the climbing wall here on one of the weekends she was here and it was so much fun! Joe took the “pimp coat” out for a spin (it’s made several famous appearances at camp and it crouched in the corner of my room until I brought it cross country with me) and it was glorious.DSC02722


Micah and I decided this picture looked like he was posing for an Eddie Bauer-esque catalog. Heehee..



This is definitely one of the most epic climbing pictures that have ever graced this blog.


Micah is reenacting a Slow Loris (WHO comes up with these names!?) getting tickled… too perfect.

DSC02750 DSC02708DSC02824 I was belaying Joe, until he swung on his way down and tripped me on purpose. We’re just swinging back and forth like a big pendulum at this point. It was a good day for a climb… and a jacket.