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What am I?

I went for a little walk with Mummy and Willow this evening and found this sweet little plant growing by the road. Now the question is, WHAT IS IT!? It’s so cool! I’ve been through my Pojar and I couldn’t find it in there (it looks a little wee bit like One-Sided Wintergreen, but that’s not it). It might not be a native plant, but I can’t figure out how else to go about identifying it. Can you help? It’s too cool not to investigate just a little.

Sorry I didn’t grab any foliage, maybe next time.


dscn0286I made this little guy at mom’s request. One of her old students is having a boy baby and she wanted to give them something. Thus, Colin was born. Here’s the story that goes with him:

“Colin loves to make pudding. Chocolate, pistachio, lavender… he loves to experiment with all of those flavors. Sometimes they’re good, most times they’re better left as experiments. More often than naught you can find Colin cradling his big mixing bowl, licking off the last bits of pudding from his wooden spoon as he dreams of the next batch of utterly, fantastic and amazing pudding.”