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Rest in Peace

monty_1Yesterday, Monty passed away. For over a week he had refused to eat, drank very little and was slowly loosing all of his energy. Mom and Dad took him to the vet and were given some liquefied food to feed him as well as painkillers. There were no outward indications of what was wrong, and his blood work came back normal. He had lost three of his eight pounds in five days and last night he simply passed away. Rest in peace mister man. I’m going to miss you utterly…

Not Enough Monty

There definitely haven’t been enough posts about himself lately. We moved his pen to somewhere under the deck, outside of my room and he’s been a tunneling fool lately. I’ve had to fill in his burrow three times now, just to slow him down. I don’t want to fill it with rocks because digging is definitely keeping him out of some great mischief.


He’s started a collection of dirt-dingles under his chin from where he keeps rubbing his face on his tunnel.


His hole is officially 36 inches (3 FEET!) deep and it’s starting to angle off towards this wall of concrete. Good luck there, buddy. I have a huge pile of rocks on top to keep him from digging up and out… but now I’m worried about cave-ins and loosing him in this enormous tunnel city he’s obviously planning on excavating.


Remember those seeds I tossed into the ground a few weeks ago? Well surprise, surprise they’ve turned into plant babies. I now have (exactly) 12 babies peeking out between Monty poops. These will eventually turn into Canoe Peas and Oregon Giant Peas from Territorial Seeds (after about 70 days of doing their pea-like activities in some dirt). These are two of nine seed packets I have waiting to go in the ground. What’s next? Gladiator Parsnips. That’s right, they’re huge and rooty. Look out!



The magical Strizzle paid me a visit. It’s like a visit from the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny or Santa, but better. We baked, got Chinese food, went to Goodwill and then gave Monty another bath (he was easily as pleased this time as he was the first time). It was a good 24 hours.


Wet Bunny Contest

I bought Monty some anti-dandruff bunny shampoo at Burn’s Feedstore today and decided that he needed to have a bath. I’ve never given him one and since he got all of his new coat in he could use one to help out his skin. I plunked him in the bathtub and lathered him up only to discover that he is sooooo tiny! He’s all head and ears.

p1020816p1020818Poor ADORABLE Monty.

Ancient History

Alright, so we’ve moved… whazza big deal? If you’re new (and I love you all the more for your newness) there used to be another one of these at blogger. But now we’re here. However, since we get to learn all sorts of dandy things from the past, I’m going to make sure you can link back and view all of that ancient history hanging about back at blogger. Alright? Good.

Greenerliving will still be there (I’m more sentimental than I’ll let on at the moment) and by clicking on “Greenerliving” you can travel back to it… like magic!photo2