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Little Girl Remix

Oh man! In the ten seconds I have between camp, camp and more camp I found this video of a little girl that someone remixed and made sound like an Aphex Twin song. So cool! Stick with it…. it gets more and more amazing the longer you watch. I know the beginning is a little creep-tastic, but it turns into a really catchy little song.

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My friend Shawna took me to Bhangra night last month in Portland at the Fez. (Here’s a little video that roughly shows you what bhangra dancing is like… I’m sure you can surf on youtube and see more too) It was so much fun! Anywho, I’ve been listening to a bhangra mix she made me over and over since then. Well, yesterday I found an Indian Thriller video which seemed infinitely appropriate given certain recent developments. Michael commented on the blog yesterday, asking if I was going to talk about MJ, I wasn’t planning on it and I’m still not, but I am going to share this little video. Enjoy…

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GigPosters – H –

Zounds! I’ve been slacking off with my Gigposter posts! Luckily, this week I remembered. H is a disappointing category for designers on Gigposters.com. Out of a couple hundred there were only a couple really great bits. My eyes are not happy with me for subjecting them to some of the really really bad ones. Yawn. However, now they can rest easy when they look at these puppies! Here you go! Enjoy!


Zach Hobbs

I really like the mad jumble of his posters. He does some interesting things with faces and colors, but this is by far my favorite. The colors, line quality and chunky nature of this one is really great. I love how the band name nestles into itself and creates a nice blocky chunk. And how can you not love a cyclops?!


Lewis Heriz

This particular poster is interesting because it mimics a newspaper ad, cramming all sorts of extraneous information into a small space and yet the band name and important information is still dominant. That, my friends, is hard to do in black and white. His other posters play with color and shape much more so than this one would make you think. Check them out if you’re curious…


Josh J. Holinaty

He only has three posters and all three feature beautiful illustrations and color. This one is my favorite for three reasons:

I like the color blue and goats

The way he treats type by putting it into ribbons and cutouts is fabulous

I REALLY like blue and goats.


Hula Hula

This is the only poster they have up on gigposter. I don’t usually like posters that feature photographs but this is a rare exception. The movement through the poster is nice and strong, the colors are good and, most of all, the photograph plays such a minor roll that I can ignore it. I like that.


Dan Harrill

There are only two posters by Dan on Gigposter, but they’re both great. This particular one reminds me of Terry Gilliam’s work

the bellrays

Bennett Holzworth

Again, the screen printed look and the interesting typography hooks me in every time. Oh so nice. Bennett features the screen printed look throughout most of his posters.

I love love love the colors in the Devendra Banhart poster! I know that particular band as well, and I think the poster really reflects the music as well. I will always have a soft spot for screen printed posters (or ones that look like they’ve been screen printed). The work and care and aesthetic that goes along with screen printing is something that shows in each poster as opposed to creating flat colors on the computer. Nice.
Ooooohhh! The detail, the colors, the typography! What’s not to drool over in these posters? They’re all like this, and they’re all interesting in a consistantly well-done way. CHECK their work OUT! Go, now. Do it.
The shapes in these posters are interesting, especially the way he’s drawn the faces in Headache City. It’s simple and yet graphically powerful in their simplicity.

The 61

Brian got me started on The 61, an online music site where you can listen to things for free and even download a good chunk of their music. I haven’t had any trouble find things I like (very very much!) and the site does a really great job of recommending similar songs for me to listen to. You should check it out, let me know if you want to be my friendly friend on there and I can share my moosics with you! Here are some of the songs I’ve been listening to on there…

I Would Learn to Play an Instrument…

… if I could make a music video like this one! It’s such a kooky idea and the music is great! I would be totally down if someone wanted to make a music video like this one. Hey you guys still in school… yeah you. Make a music video!

Mint Chick’s “Hot on Your Heels”

Via: Kitsune Noir

Mint Chicks – Hot on Your Heels from Ruban Nielson on Vimeo.

GigPosters – G –

Wow, it’s been a while! Sorry I’ve been a lazy bag of bones when it comes to these gigposters. They’re a bit of a time suck, buy cialis 20mg and now I’ve got a little time to suck, so here’s this week’s installment! Welcome to the letter “G“.


Garage Collective

I really love the off kilter way the type is set on these posters. They’re delightfully grungy…


Gentle Mystery

There is only one poster under Gentle Mystery but it’s a great one. The colors and rough shapes are really beautiful.



Ooooo! The hand drawn lettering makes this poster. Genesse only has a few posters up, and this one was by far my favorite. The way the ascenders follow the lines of the buildings in the background is very sweet.



Rebecca Gimenez

Rebecca only has these three poster up but their clean lines and sweet images caught my eye. I can’t wait to see what else she comes up with.


Patrick Giroux

Has a bunch of posters up. He plays with different combinations of type, letters, color and sizes. Everything looks like it’s been letter pressed (whether it was or not is almost moot because the look is so successfully mimicked that it passes as letterpress for me… if it isn’t actually).


Emily Glaubin

All of her posters have the same zany colors and use of type… if you’ve ever listened to the band Animal Collective, this is what their music would look like if it was translated into pictures.


Johann Gomez

I love the hairy texture on the C in this particular poster. I can’t imagine how long it would have taken to draw it… so long. Everything about this poster rocks my socks… it’s telling a story and at the same time it’s conveying the information really well.


Eddie Gossage

The beard… ’nuff said. If you know Iron & Wine you know how perfect this poster is for them. It always tickles me when I recognize the band and can see how well or how badly the poster suits the music.


Samantha Grasso

Reasons this makes me happy

1.) This lady can DRAW!

2.) There are three panels with text at the bottom spanning all three (great layout)

3.) Hand lettering always makes me happy.


Alyson Graves

There is an arm, a shadow and text. Simple, and yet the combination of hand lettering traveling up the arm and the type following the outside is a really difficult trick to pull off. Not only is there good hierarchy here but it’s also a beautiful poster that I would totally hang on my wall.


Gary Grimshaw

This is a really beautiful poster. The typography fits those spaces so well… oh I just wish that this was a better picture! It pays to take good pictures of your work, folks.


Julia Green

I have no idea who the Watson Twins are, but these sweet little faces and the proportions of their limbs makes me want to find out.


Eleanor Grosch

It seems like there’s always one artist in each section that I fall deeply and irrivocably in love with and Eleanor is that person for the “G” section. Every single one of her posters is so gorgeous and, even though there are animals in most of them, she manages to make them feel like they totally belong on a gigposter. CHECK OUT THE REST OF HER WORK! Gotta gotta gotta go see it!


Lionel Guzman

Again, I’m such a sucker for hand lettering. The colors work really well here and ever square inch of this poster is makingme want to dance. Can you see the little pipe-smokin’ man in here? Little details like that are sweet surprises…

Shape Note

Last year I took a class at Evergreen called “The Fifties: Fab and Fraught” with Marla Elliot and Susan Precsiso (one of my all time favorite teachers). Marla taught the music portion and, towards the end, the class sang some Sacred Harp songs. Shape Note singing uses four different shapes to denote what note you’re supposed to sing, instead of the traditional music notes and the most popular book that uses shape notes is called Sacred Harp. The songs sound wild and they feel really wonderful when you sing at full volume.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to find a good audio clip to post here so that you can get an idea of what it’s like and finally I found a nice quality but more mild version of Sacred Harp singing. After a little digging, I realized that Portland has a group that meets regularly and sings, maybe I’ll give it a go! They have some links to audio clips as well and there are some youtube videos too. Check it out if you’re interested, but I think the only way you’ll really love it is if you try singing it sometime, even if it is as a class assignment. This is from the movie Cold Mountain… you can get the idea.

What, might you ask, sparked this recent interest? I was watching a PBS special, Appalachia: A History of Mountains and People when I heard a song halfway through the second episode. It sounded really similar to shape note singing and the song was so beautiful… I had to have it! However, it’s not on the companion cd in the PBS store and the credits went by so quickly that I couldn’t read the song name, no matter how much I slowed it down. I did search after search for the clip, for extra song credits… anything that would tell me who sings that song! I got nothing. I’m still looking and it’s slowly driving me mad.

Theresa Andersson

I watched a bit of the first video from over Dad’s shoulder today which lead to watching more of the video and then watching the whole thing with my mouth open thinking “No WAY. She’s GOOD!” Theresa Andersson uses one of those machines that records little snippets of instruments or vocals and then threads together an entire song by layering these snippets on top of one another. At various points she picks up a violin, drumsticks, guitar, tambourine, sings and other badassery which she loops to create some pretty darn good music. Check them out if you’re in to music and even if you’re not.