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Remember those seeds I tossed into the ground a few weeks ago? Well surprise, surprise they’ve turned into plant babies. I now have (exactly) 12 babies peeking out between Monty poops. These will eventually turn into Canoe Peas and Oregon Giant Peas from Territorial Seeds (after about 70 days of doing their pea-like activities in some dirt). These are two of nine seed packets I have waiting to go in the ground. What’s next? Gladiator Parsnips. That’s right, they’re huge and rooty. Look out!



So I planted my peas on Tuesday! I have two rows of shelling peas and two of snow peas. I’m really really excited about these. They’re the first crop to go in and they should grow pretty quickly. Hopefully I’ll see a little sprouting action in a week or so.

p1030115p1030118I’m going to try to take a picture every day until they’re bigger. So far I haven’t done today though. Sigh…