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Evolution is Convenient

I want a knitting head… yes a head that can knit. That seems like it would be advantageous. But since I don’t and won’t for the foreseeable future, I’ll just have to content myself with drooling over Tate Foley’s photos. The set is called Evolution is Convenient… I love the paddle head. There are 22 photos, so you should probably check the rest out if you like these as much as I do!

paddle_headcammera_headbanana_headballoon_headVia: Kitsune Noir

Is This Yours?

This guy collects lost luggage. Whenever an airline looses your luggage and then are unable to find you after a certain period of time, they auction it off for charity. This guy goes to these auctions, buys them, photographs the contents and then tries to find the owners. I had no idea that airlines did things like auction off luggage, let alone that someone does something as cool as photograph them later.

I like the nursie uniform, heehee…