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Sweet PEa

I just figured out that there is an online gallery for every week this summer at camp and it’s updated just about everyday. We could play a Where’s Sweet Pea game and try to spot me in some of them… or not. Here are the two official cabin pictures for the two weeks I’ve been working, and then an extra bonus piece of awesome.


Can you spot the bit of awesome? I was dressed up as Captain Kirk (yes, that’s my Kirk costume) and doing a cabin call about pirates. It doesn’t get much better than that. Don’t ask me when the last time I showered was… the answer is: too long.


I found two blogs in one day: Sexy People and Awkward Family Photos. Both blogs feature photos that would have been better off buried in the back yard under a concrete slab somewhere. Some are sweet, some are sad and most just make me shudder a bit. What is it about family photos that are almost always doomed from the get-go? Ugh. I know I found some “treasures” in our box of photos yesterday when I was rifling through them, and a couple could have been contenders against little Diego here…



Sweet, sweet Diego.