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It Feels Good to be First

Finally! Some edibles from all that raging greenery along the house! It’s a good day for peas. The snap peas are almost all ready and the shelling peas are getting there too… there are more shelling peas on the vines than there are snap peas… maybe next year I’ll augment the numbers so that I have more of both.

peas85The snap peas in all of their glory.
peas78Hey hey my my! Those are some nice lookin’ peas! They taste so good straight out of the pod. Who needs to cook them?! Seriously…

A Brief Tour

It’s time for a mini update. I was gone for a week and so much happened in the garden that I thought I’d give you a preview before our usual Wednesday debriefing. Enjoy!

WOW. I know. He’s pretty cool. I found him when he hit the sliding door and then took a mini-vacation on the deck. So sparkly.
potatoe53The ‘taters are a-bloomin’! Just the blue ones though. I’m curious to see whether the yukon potato flowers will be purple like these. I noticed that the blue potato’s stalks are a dark purple/brown compared to the yukons, so perhaps the flowers will be a different color as well.

pea49The snap peas have mysteriously appeared. No one saw them yesterday and yet they’re covering the snap pea bushes, peeping from behind leaves with a bit of shyness. Soon the shelling peas will do their thing and we’ll be up to our ears! I can’t wait for the invasion to begin.

Artichoke, youtachoke, what-achoke! The ARTICHOKES ARE HERE! While I was on the road our plants started to have their babies. Right now there’s one three inch Arti on each plant.

What am I?

I went for a little walk with Mummy and Willow this evening and found this sweet little plant growing by the road. Now the question is, WHAT IS IT!? It’s so cool! I’ve been through my Pojar and I couldn’t find it in there (it looks a little wee bit like One-Sided Wintergreen, but that’s not it). It might not be a native plant, but I can’t figure out how else to go about identifying it. Can you help? It’s too cool not to investigate just a little.

Sorry I didn’t grab any foliage, maybe next time.

More Booty

Mom, Dad and I wound up on Alberta street in Portland this morning where we did a little browsing. In a little flower shop we found an air plant. I’d seen one on a blog a while ago and was curious. They don’t need to be potted, instead they get all their nutrients from the sun… all they need is a little bath every once in a while. What’s double neato is that they have little baby plants once in a while called pups and they can have several “litters” in their lifetimes. How cute is that? Mine came with a little wire so I can hang it in my basement. Right now it’s about the size of a small grapefruit and it’ll keep growing into a sphere shape, blooming these pretty purple flowers for a few more years hopefully!

p1020545p1020549Star, if it ever has a pup, you’ll get one!