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Flat Bonnie

I just discovered the Flat Bonnie etsy store!

“Flat Bonnie was created to bring awareness to the life of bunnies in shelters and rescue centers, many people do not know that there are buns ready for adoption at these places. Flat Bonnies are made for people who love BUNNIES! and for people who may want a real bun but are not ready to provide the proper care and finances needed to raise a real bun. When that person is ready for a real bun, Bonnies message is to adopt a bun from a local shelter or rescue center.
A portion of the sales will be donated to bunny rescue organizations.

We donate many of Flat Bonnies to Rabbit Rescue Centers too.
They sell the Flat Bonnies to raise money to care for the abandoned and abused buns in their care. If you buy Flat Bonnie at those rescue centers, 100% of the sales will go to the care of the bunnies.”

How wonderful!

And you can buy little “poop friends” too! How appropriate…

I think this little guy is my favorite…

Oh Man Oh Man Oh Man Oh MAN!

Kidrobot has this AMAZING plush mustachioed labbit from Frank Kozik. It says it “puffs up to 14 inches”… does that mean it’s inflatable as well!? I love his stubby little proportions, but that ‘stache… oh I’m in love!

labbit1labbit2He even has a little poop chute. You can find this little dude at Urban Outfitters as well.
VIA: Swissmiss

Etsy of the Week – Junker Jane

Junker Jane has been one of my absolute favorite etsy shops lately. Her whimsical little people make me giggle every time I see them. I love the warped sense of scale and details like leg hair that make an appearance in all of her plush people. There aren’t many things in her shop at the moment, but you can go to the “sold” section and see all of the critters she’s sold until now. Oh, how they make me smile! And yes, she totally lives in Portland! Woot!


Otto the Strongman


Monster Magda


Monster Persephone


Be Mine OR ELSE Valentine Monster Girl