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At the Park

The bunnies and I made three trips to the park this summer. We met many new people (we even happened to go with Star on a day that the Freaker group set up their mobile grilled cheese mobile at the park!) and did some pretty chill lounging in the sand.

Fiona… photo bombing on the right there at the Freaker Mobile.

Bunny backs are a common sight when you’re at the end of a leash…  Linus got a kick out of watching what the Freaker gang was up to on the other side of the tree.

And then Linus met the tiniest pocket kitten I’ve ever seen! She was undaunted about his considerable size and tried to pounce on his face. He didn’t even notice.


We’ve finally nested in our new apartment in Portland! The bunnies have met and liked each other, our clothes are (mostly) unpacked, the yarn is definitely unpacked and we’re slowly accumulating all those basic little foodie things I like to keep in the pantry. Happy new home day!

ps. did you notice my new shoes!? They’re ssekos (the soles are sold separately from the straps so you can mix and match every day, you can thread the straps in a bunch of different styles and they support women in Uganda. They are also the most comfortable and snazzy shoes I have ever owned. This is coming from a lady who couldn’t even wear Tevas without getting sad blisters!). I have mad plans to start sewing up some new straps ASAP!

One Week

What do I want to do for the week that I’m home?! Oh I’ll tell you what I want to do. It looks something like hitting up every crafty venue I can get my busy little self into. I’m a little craft starved out here (that includes supplies as well) so I’m going to be taking full advantage of Portland’s wicked craft scene.

Knittn Kitten

I discovered this place today and it’s what started this craving for fabric and buttons and everything else crafty. I had no idea this vintage crafting thrift store existed in Portland and now my fingers are itching to touch all of their things!

Fabric Depot

I’m dangerously low on felt and pretty cotton prints because of the crafting mania I’ve been experiencing. This is where I’m going to fix that wee problem.

Voodoo Doughnuts

Crafting demands fuel, need I say more?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I want to soak up Portland as much as I can while I’m home and I think I’m off to a good start when I look at these websites. What are YOUR plans for the holidays?

Shape Note

Last year I took a class at Evergreen called “The Fifties: Fab and Fraught” with Marla Elliot and Susan Precsiso (one of my all time favorite teachers). Marla taught the music portion and, towards the end, the class sang some Sacred Harp songs. Shape Note singing uses four different shapes to denote what note you’re supposed to sing, instead of the traditional music notes and the most popular book that uses shape notes is called Sacred Harp. The songs sound wild and they feel really wonderful when you sing at full volume.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to find a good audio clip to post here so that you can get an idea of what it’s like and finally I found a nice quality but more mild version of Sacred Harp singing. After a little digging, I realized that Portland has a group that meets regularly and sings, maybe I’ll give it a go! They have some links to audio clips as well and there are some youtube videos too. Check it out if you’re interested, but I think the only way you’ll really love it is if you try singing it sometime, even if it is as a class assignment. This is from the movie Cold Mountain… you can get the idea.

What, might you ask, sparked this recent interest? I was watching a PBS special, Appalachia: A History of Mountains and People when I heard a song halfway through the second episode. It sounded really similar to shape note singing and the song was so beautiful… I had to have it! However, it’s not on the companion cd in the PBS store and the credits went by so quickly that I couldn’t read the song name, no matter how much I slowed it down. I did search after search for the clip, for extra song credits… anything that would tell me who sings that song! I got nothing. I’m still looking and it’s slowly driving me mad.

Wonderful Wonderland

2009-postcard-frontI just got my e-mail telling me that I got in to the special May 10th Mother’s Day Crafty Wonderland! I’m so excited. I’ve gone to a few of them and I always wind up coming home with something cool, like postcards from Berkley Illustration. It’s in the basement of the Doug Fir on Burnside. I’m super super excited! You should all come and support independent (if not local) crafters. Woot!

Sunday, May 10th
Set up begins at 9:30am, show runs from 11am-4pm
Doug Fir Lounge, 830 E. Burnside

dscn0610Note: I took this picture at the last Crafty Wonderland. This is only about 1/2 of the sellers there AND it was 20 minutes before the sale ended, imagine what it’s like when the meet is in full swing!


This is a list of the future sales. Check them all out and you’ll be way cool. So says I.

Handmade Nation

I went to the very last Portland screening of Handmade Nation at the Museum of Contemporary Craft last night. I went down early and stopped by Crafty Wonderland in the basement of the Doug Fir which was great. I cut it really close to closing time but there were still about twenty people shopping. I wandered around in that area for a while after the sale closed, stopping in at some of the vintage/indie/knick knack stores down the block. Then I wound up over by Powells and Anthropology. I got a gift certificate to Anthro for my birthday so I popped into their sale room where I found something that made me get all wheezy-excited. Star and I were downtown at Anthro a few months ago and I’d seen for $128. Everything about it screamed “BUY ME, I’LL LOVE YOU FOREVER!” except the price tag. Now, only a few months later it was sitting pretty in the sale closet. “NO way! Ok, if they have it in a size 4 I’ll do a little dance and try it on, ” I thought. Damn, they did. So I had to try it on. “If it fits, I’ll just see how much is on my card,” I thought again. Sigh… it did. “Ok, if I have $25 or more on this card, I’ll get it.” Double damn, I had $25. Now, you can see where all these escalating promises get me into trouble every time. Usually they don’t work out and I go on my merry way, but when they do work out it’s usually when it’s the big stuff. Now, I know I made a promise not to buy any new clothing, but this is how I’m going to justify my insane extravagence: 1. It’s Anthropology, so I know that I’ll probably still be wearing it when I’m old because it’s just that well made, 2. I had a git card and it was on sale AND I’d had my eye on it when it wasn’t on sale, 3. JUST LOOK at it, it’s gorgeous, 4. I’m almost 1/4 way through 2009 and I haven’t gotten anything new until now so that’s good. Ah well, what am I justifying myself to you for? Meh. I love it and that’s enough.

Anyway, back on track. At 5:30 I trotted down to the Museum of Contemporary Craft for the movie. I got a complimentary issue of American Craft and some buttons. They were taking pictures of people wearing handmade things (handmade by themselves OR others) so I got up and they took a picture of me with the necklace I made a few years ago in my jewelry making class at the college.

The movie was great and the people in the audience were all decked out in their fancy handmade bits and pieces. It was one of those great moments when you realize how big this whole handmade/DIY movement is. I just watched Wallmart: The High Cost of Low Prices and Handmade Nation seemed to balance everything out in my mind. Here’s the official trailer for the video, you get a pretty good feel for what the movie is like and it covers just about everyone who was interviewed.

One of my favorite interviews was with the Little Friends of Printmaking. I love their work, their aesthetic and their mentality about work and what they do. I linked to their gigposters.com page because thier regular site is terrible to try to navigate around in.