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Too Much Fun

For the past two days we’ve been planting and digging and moving dirt all over the place. We’re trying to take advantage of all this good weather because we hear it’s not going to stay (I’m secretly thinking it’s all a big trick to get us to work as hard as possible). I dug holes for the Auto Lukens yesterday before I went downtown. Today I decided to take my bike out for a spinny-spin up to Sandy to mail the lion someone ordered from etsy and pick up some books at the library. It’s about 25 minutes of peddling to get there and a little less to get back. After that I dug some holes for the lavender in the front yard and then I had to shovel out 7o cubic feet of clay dirt from the planter box (that was just ONE) and then dad brought in 70 cubic feet of nice poopie-sand dirt for the veggies to live in. I got that all smoothed out and then I figured that was enough for one day. It doesn’t sound like much but between biking to Sandy and shoveling I was busy for about six hours. YIKES!

This is a picture of all the plants we’ve planted (between the three of us) in the last two days. It’s alot, lemme tell you.


This all looks like too much fun.

Maybe I should get around to doing some homework or something….. naaaahhhh, it’ll wait.