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Since I bought all those block printing supplies I keep seeing things that would make great prints! What am I going to do!? Oh, that’s right, I’ll make tons and tons of blocks!

I’m rather fond of this teal llama-deer. I just wish I could figure out how to make the prints come out as solid as this one did! They’re awfully spotty for some reason…

And then I decided to experiment with some fabric printing! One thing leads to another these days…

I found this tutorial over at JezzePrints (which is a wonderful little blog) called No-Fuss Printing. Basically you cut the stencil out of transparency paper and then squeegie the fabric paint over the stencil with something small and stiff like a credit card. So easy! So I practiced on a bunny (of course). I love the idea, so I think I’ll have a go at some more once I can think of something neat to draw. Any suggestions? Inspiration?

Block Printing

I did some block printing in college (so long ago, I know!) and I loved it. So when I spied block printing supplies in an art store when we were in Worcester over the weekend, I splurged and bought a roller, some ink, some carving tools and three different sized blocks. I carved my first (and smallest) block yesterday and did some test prints…

Look familiar?

I’m looking forward to making more prints from the dream bunny and carving more from the extra blocks I bought. My next project is to figure out how to make a recycled frame for these. Any ideas?