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Pickle Pickle Pickle Time!

HaWOW! Remember all those cucumbers I’ve been amassing over the past few weeks? They finally graduated to PICKLE status this weekend. We made six small jars and two big jars of briny pickles.

The recipe we used from my cousin is pretty simple:

Dill Pickles
1 qt vinegar
3 qts water
1 C salt
Don’t scrub pickles. Wash and let soak overnight in clean cold water. Put
cucumbers in jars (don’t pack tight). Bring solution to full rolling boil and pour
over cucumbers (for 1/2 gallon jar, use about 4 cloves of garlic and 1 large
stalk of dill). Let jars stand a little before sealing.

We’ll see how they turn out in six weeks. The brine made enough for eight small jars and two large jars so we had a little extra.