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Crafty How-To’s {Paperback to Hardback}

I found a tutorial featured over on Craftzine this morning that shows how to take a ratty paperback book and turn it into a really nice hardcover book. I think I’ll try it on a particularly sad copy of Watership Down that I’ve been reading to pieces since I was seven. All it takes is some stiff cardboard, fabric and a glue stick… too easy!

Block Printing

I did some block printing in college (so long ago, I know!) and I loved it. So when I spied block printing supplies in an art store when we were in Worcester over the weekend, I splurged and bought a roller, some ink, some carving tools and three different sized blocks. I carved my first (and smallest) block yesterday and did some test prints…

Look familiar?

I’m looking forward to making more prints from the dream bunny and carving more from the extra blocks I bought. My next project is to figure out how to make a recycled frame for these. Any ideas?


pipe(Yes that is a pipe, no I don’t smoke… I just like crafting with it)

I was on Craftzine today and I found Rhonda’s Recycled Craft Project. The idea is really simple, anyone can register by purchasing a challenge packet (for just the 20 cent cost of the listing fee) by June 1st. On June 2nd, Junkstop will mail out a packet to each person who is registered. All packets will have identical contents, consisting of an assortment of items saved from the landfill, as well as the rules for the challenge. Photos of completed entries should be posted to the Rhonda’s Recycled Craft Challenge Flickr group by July 15. The winning entry gets a $20 gift certificate to their Etsy shop.

How great is that!? It’s so simple and for 20 cents it couldn’t be cheaper. Getting people to think about what they consume and how they can reuse these things is great, you can’t put a price on that. I just bought my packet (what ELSE can you buy for 20 cents? Nothin’, that’s what). Wouldn’t it be great if you guys did it with me? Then we could all post our creations! That would be super cool.

Plant those Presents!

I have a card lying around here somewhere that I’ve been meaning to send to my ASL teacher back at Evergreen and I haven’t done it yet (shame shame). What got me thinking about it again is this pre-seeded gift wrap I found today. When you’re done tearing through all those layers of paper to get at the present inside, you can skip out back (tra la laa) and stick the paper in a hole. Soon enough there’ll be little baby flowers growing from your newly recycled paper. Why throw it away when you can get even more pretties from your presents? It’s not that expensive… especially when you think of it this way: a bunch of flowers will cost at least $30 if you order the damn things online, about $20 from a store in town and they’re already cut and on their way to deadness. With this wrapping paper you can plant it and have live flowers for a long time and maybe they’ll even come back another year! I just wish I could find some in a shop around here instead of having to go on the internets AND I wish I could find some with native species instead of this Icelandic Poppy and German Catchfly business.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even try to make some myself…