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The Final Countdown (but only if you sing it like Europe)

Well… it’s week eight. The last week of summer camp. Down to the last few days. Oh man it’s been a long summer. There have been marker mustaches, felted rocks, poop found in the strangest places, gnome chapels, cardboard robots, a hot dog costume, bee stings, rope swings, onesies, songs about killer rabbits and washing chickens. And that’s where I’m going to leave it. But I’m also going to leave summer camp talk behind with a few last pictures…


Zombies versus Pios…. because sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.3862358124_6f964b3167_b

My short stint as “Sweet Android” the android with a mustache. I tried really hard to make it through dinner wearing that thing but it wound up disintegrating pretty hard before we finished.3862875272_9204a7cf32_b

The last cabin photo. And…

One of my favorites of the summer. They weren’t my favorite cabin by any stretch of my imagination, but this is a pretty sick photo.

I know I still have the rest of today, tomorrow and Saturday left, but I think this is as good a time as any to say good bye to camp and hello to regular showering, sleep and other nonsense.