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Etsy of the Week -LauraGeorge-

I stumbled on these unbelievably sweet prints on etsy today and decided to share them. The shop is called laurageorge and I’m firmly convinced that any wall would be the coolest wall ever if it were covered with her prints.


This is by far my FAVORITE print out of the whole lot… even on the whole of etsy at the moment. I want it so badly that I can almost feel it in my bones!

Hungry Hairbeast Friends

Deep In It

home Mustache Friend with Bird

Still Busy

I may be home for the holidays but I’m still doing some things. I’ve been churning out some embroidery patterns which has been fun, but also means I spend more time on the computer than usual, trying to retrace all of my scribbly little hand drawn patterns. Having these patterns means I can have things in the shop even when I’m away from homebase, like I am now.

These three guys make up the new Octopiddle embroidery pattern up in the shop only a matter of minutes ago!

And then there’s Bea the Bunny who joined the shop as a pattern yesterday. I really like this one…

And I’ve been making some little pocket bunnies. They’re about three inches tall from their bases to the tops of their round little heads and quite fun to make. They’re stuffed with wool and have some rice in their bases to give them a little bit of heft. I love stuffing the things I make with wool instead of polyfil. The wool compacts nicer and gives everything a more solid, satisfying feel. I’d love to get my hands on some lavender or other herbs to put in the next batch.

Etsy Love

Ok, since it’s the holidays I decided to ramble through my “Favorite Items” list on etsy. These are all things I love love love and want to hold/fawn over. Don’t you? And since it’s the holidays, I decided to share some of my top favorites with ya’ll. Ready? Here goes!

Batman (embroidered necklace) via: Spinthread

This shop has some amazing embroidered jewelry, I love how they’re using lace to cover up the back side of each piece.

Maiya (archival print) via: Doubleparlor

Doubleparlor has some beautiful and amazing original sculptures for sale along the same lines as the one in this print

Needle Felted Owl via: Chocolate Beans

Chocolate beans has a whole family of wonderfully adorable little birds. You like this one? You’ll definitely like the others…


Brown Leggings with Turquoise Birds via: Malu

These are extra long stencil-printed leggings… I think I’m in love!

Accordion Music via: Roadside

This shop is full of wonderful prints as good or better than this one.

Orwell Clutch: Silver Piggy Purse via: Tsurubride

This shop has some pretty WONDERFUL animal-themed clutches (ranging from elephants to piggies), the series is named after George Orwell and his book “Animal Farm”. Check these guys OUT!

Camp Trailer Birdhouse via:  RALFG08

Knit Lab Rat via: Crafty Hedgehog Lulu Shoulder Bag via: Ericka Bazile

This is a sweet little cotton bag…

Lotus Mary Janes via: Hydra Heart

It’s terribly rare that I can find any vegan shoes. Not only are these vegan but they’re also extremely reasonably priced. The rest of their shoes are equally beautiful.

Silver Baby Elephant Ring via:  Michelle Chang Jewelry

Topography in Aqua via: Crafterall

This shop has some neat, handcut topographical pieces… I love the texture of the paper and the beautiful colors.

Presidential Wrestling Themed Ornaments via: Yee-Haw Industries

These make me giggle every. single. time.

Nudiped via:  KitLane

Baby it’s Cold Outside via:  Seasprayblue

I love the proportions of all of the prints in this shop… including the very idea of Log Lady.

Ceramic Pig Planter via:  Fruit Fly

Primitiv via: Modern Illustrations

Margarita the Plus Bunny via:  Girl Savage

Everything here is ridiculously adorable…

All White Deerman via: Me.la.bo

This shop has some pretty amazing sculptures that border upon wonderfully kooky

Etsy Shop of the Week -Lemmikkiapina-

I was looking at Kitty Genius’ blog post about Lemmikkiapina’s etsy shop and I knew I had to post about her amazing little creatures. I love the proportions of their lovely bodies and the texture of their fur and how sweet their little poses are. These make my heart melt a little… no, wait, more than a little. I would love to buy one of her lovelies, set it on a shelf and covet it for the rest of my days.

il_fullxfull79977399The White Donkey
il_fullxfull74799563Circus Rabbit
il_fullxfull73855140Blue Fox

Veggie Trader

I have no idea how I found this site… it’s been a while since I did. The idea is that sometimes you have an excess of edibles that you’ve grown, or are accidentally growing (we’ve all seen apple trees loaded with fruit and no one wants to pick it), well here is a site where you can list all of your excess produce . I love this idea so much! Unfortunately, so far there’s very few people on (or at least no one within a 20 mile radius). You should check it out and join (it’s free) so that we can get more people and more produce on! Thanks Veggie Trader for stepping up to the plate and bringing something cool with you.


I’ll definitely list some squash on there if it goes as bonanza as I think it will (I have about 10 plants which will wind up being about 10 plants too many, I think) and maybe some potatoes if they’re as bountiful as they look. We’ll see.

Etsy of the Week – Every Eskimo –

I absolutely love the Every Eskimo shop. It’s one of my newer discoveries and everything reminds me of something I would do and would love to do! There are short little stories that go with each and there’s a sweet sense of scale in each one. If you visit the shop be sure to check out their animals because they tend to have some really funny quirks (mostly missing body parts). Oh man, I love it! Plus they are all really reasonably priced for how large and sweet they are. Check it out…!


We Had a Fight – Double Foundling
tumorpusTumorpus – a nesting octopus child
foundling_2Foundling 667 – in Footie Pajamas
foundlingFoundling 241- Bubbly Baby Sweetness


blogWow, more changes! Subtle, but they’re there. A shop tab has been added. It shows everything I have up in the etsy shop and yes! You can totally buy them! More recently, I’ve added an “About” page right next to ye olde shoppe. You can read a little about m’self there. Take advantage of the new changes, explore a little, do whatever it is you do on this blog. Etc.