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Etsy of the Week – Spawn Studio –

Everyone takes these holidays so seriously… time to lighten things up people! Our Etsy of the Week features cards that I think probably do just that. has some really great mother’s day cards (and I’m not talkin’ those stupid expensive and corny as heck Hallmark cards).





It’s time to think about that Mommyday coming up next Sunday. These aren’t your average cards… but why would you want to give your mommy something average? Set the bar a little higher and a little sweeter.

Etsy of the Week – Owly Shadow Puppets –

Don’t ever EVER think you’re too old for shadow puppets. There are a few things I’ve decided never to be too old for (1. water slides, 2.) bubbles, 3.) crayons, 4.) play dough, 5.) shadow puppets, 6.) making elf houses, 7.) etc…), you should probably make a list too, before it’s too late and you become old, grumpy and you don’t even want to bake cookies any more (that’s when you know it’s bad). However, if you think you’ve waited too long for shadow puppets, I have a solution: Owly Shadow Puppets. I’ve been admiring their Yetti puppet for some time now, something about their scale and the fact that they’re articulated makes me so so happy! I want to find little children (it’s ok to just borrow them.. right?) and play shadow puppets under a blanket fort in the living room.


Tyrannosaurus RexRobot Moonscape

(Do I spy some MOON BUNNIES!? Yes, I think it do!)

Anywho, check out Owly Shadow Puppets (I mean really, they’re so inexpensive that you might as well get two and play shadow puppets all you like).

Etsy of the week – Kitty Baby Love –

I’m going to start featuring an etsy shop on the blog once a week! The first one is Kitty Baby Love and the inspiration for this new endeavor. There is a range of adorable kitty themed things geared towards babies but by no means are the only for tiny people.

A pack of kitty crayons… completely adorable.

There are also candles, prints, stuffed things and more… check it out guys, it’s worth it!