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The Natural History of the Chicken

Thank you PBS for giving us this show. Yes, it takes a look at chickens but it also gives a great insight into the quirky lives of people who raise them. There’s Cotton, the companion rooster who lives with his Florida owner in the house, wears a diaper, goes shopping and gets baths. There’s the chicken that was frozen stiff and given mouth-to-beak resuscitation by her owner. It’s really well done from a production standpoint and the stories are all great. It’s worth watching from just about any perspective you’d like.

I remember watching this special nine years ago when it first came on tv and I loved it then as much as I do now. If this doesn’t make you want chickens, it’ll at least make you smile and think about them a little more fondly when you buy your eggs at the store. You can watch it on Netflix’s “Watch Instantly” if you’ve got it, or on youtube (where it’s split into six segments). This clip is from the second segment on youtube.