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New Road Trip Socks!

Before we left one coast for another, all of the wonderful ladies at work gifted me a going away present of wool, a yarn tote and some wonderful, local salve! I immediately set about knitting myself a pair of socks for the road trip.

I’m always amazed at the length of my feet and how many stitches it takes to cover them in cozy wool…

From Sheep to Feet in 14 Days

The story of Joe’s socks has come to an end (at least when it comes to the making-of-the-socks part). Here they are, together at last and on to the next adventure: being worn and keeping feet warm. Now you can see the whole process from start (the shearing of the sheep) to middle (the processing of the wool) to end (the knitting of the socks). The second sock wound up with some pretty sweet stripe action happening because there were some huge patches of white on that half of the fleece. It was so much fun knitting along just to see what color would come up next! Now… what’s next?

Wool, the Final Stage

A few days ago, I posted the results of some hard work involving soap, wool and a spinning wheel. Now it’s time to look at the same wool once it’s met some knitting needles! I took the yarn I spun and knit Joe one half a pair of socks. One sock took an entire spool of yarn… that’s a really big foot. They are most definitely the largest socks I’ve ever knit… and a big contrast to the tiny baby shoes I’ve been knitting.

Socks for size 13 foots…

I hand carded and spun the wool so I would have sections of dark, medium and light colored wool. Joe took wool from the same fleece and ran it through a drum carder which blended all of the different fibers together. This made an evenly medium grey batch of wool roving without the variation that I like so much. It was a much faster process though…

Now it’s time to get down with that second sock!

Road Trip Sockies

So these are the socks I knit during the recent + epic road trip with Tyler. Nice, huh? I thought so. I just finished the second one this morning (the socks/mile isn’t particularly efficient… I finished one during the whole road trip).

socks02And no, for all of you concerned for my fashion well being, I didn’t wear that outside. This is one of those outfits I contemplate and then ask myself “What would Jessie do…?” and then change my mind. Ok? Ok.


I’ve made myself some sockies from a book I got over Christmas from a wool/silk blend  yarn I got over the break too. They turned out so warm and cushy that I think I’ll order a box full of yarn and try it again!


With a name like “Cosmos” how can a yarn NOT be as awesome!? I’m glad I got some… plus I managed to knit these for about $4 in materials (labor sooo doesn’t count, kay?).