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I’m about to do the ferbotten by putting up Star Wars and Star Trek clips. It’s ok, though, because they’re all spoof/fan videos. Hehe.

The first two videos are mock intros for Star Wars if it had been made into a weekly series (which is a golden idea, no!?). One is set to MacGyver and the other is set to the theme music for Dallas. NICE! I can picture the kooky hijinx now. Via: List of the Day.

The two clips have a bit of fun with Star Trek. The Closer Fan video is a bit saucy so you might not want to watch it if you’re at work. The second clip sets bits of Star Trek to a Monty Python song. Oh how it fits so well! Heehee…

I’m Geekin’ Out Man!

First I’m going all nerdbot because we’re going to see Star Trek on the Imax tomorrow morning and now I’m getting all googily-eyed over this District 9 movie. When did this start surfacing!? How did I not know about this sooner? It’s going to be a good year (Moon, Star Trek, District 9).

Brief synopsis: Aliens get stranded on Earth (in South Africa, to be specific) and they are treated as subhuman… an unusual direction for plots with Aliens to go in and 100% intriguing.

Thanks Kitsune Noir.