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As you might imagine, I spend many a minute staring at the cucumbers trellising their way into the world on our front stoop. The actual vegetables on the vines are still quite petite and so, knowing that the cucumber plants I put in the actual ground were so much further behind than the ones in my Tupperware bin, I would occasionally glance at them… maybe poke some of the bits this way or that depending upon where I thought they should grow towards. NOT TODAY. I poked around as usual when I caught sight of this enormous would-be-pickle crouched in the shadows! The vines are still so much smaller than their boxed counterparts that I’m beyond bewildered as to how this behemoth came into existence.

SNAP. That’s a big pickle baby.

oh WOW!

Surprise packages are always wonderful. I came back from the store with Dad to find a package sitting on our doorstep. Now, this wasn’t just a plain old brown cardboard box…. no, this one had ladies on it. I can’t describe how perfectly Star/Hannah this is. I know, it’s a little odd, but really, I can’t illuminate it for you. Sorry. This is just perfect. So I jerked a pair of scissors from the mug on the counter and sliced right on through all that pesky packing tape. Inside I found handfuls of peanut butter cups, a package of peanut butter cups, some chocolate covered peanut cookies (I love the sentiment guys, but I think you might be trying to kill me. Dad’s been poison testing for me, just in case.), some homemade sugar cookies, a slinky, some bath oil, a crystal rock garden kit and three AWESOME birthday cards!


The package!card_63

The card from Star…


has a lady inside! And yes, we DO need to bake!


Ben’s card, detailing how to fend off a mad bull. The cut-out around the drawing is great.card_55

And this card is from Peter and Katherine…card_57

complete with some wicked commentary on the pictures.


All of the cards have found a home on my bulletin board, next to the other “how to remove leeches” card from Star awhile ago. Thank you guys so much, I have a huge smile plastered on my face…. sigh… it was a good day today.