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I just worked my way through a wonderful blog my friend Schirin posted a link to yesterday. The blog is called Farmama. It’s written by a woman living on a farm with four children and is making her life as sustainable as possible. I appreciate the simple, bright beauty of her photographs and her stories about knitting sweaters for her children starting with raising the sheep, all the way through the dying, spinning and knitting process. Oh my heart! I’m inspired beyond belief.


I found a company that sells paper things ranging from wallpaper to cards in a green, eco-friendly fashion. Of course, they’re based in Europe, but their products are so pretty and interesting that I had to post about them.

“This year we’ve gone green All our cards and envelopes are environmentally friendly, whether they are boards made from 100% post consumer waste or from mixed sources of recycled material and pulp from certified well managed forests with sound replanting programmes. All the inks used in the printing of our products are vegetable based and all our cellophane bags are compostable and biodegradable.”

Here are some examples of their wrapping paper from three different artists. At two euro, I’d buy that!