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This is My Holiday… What Does YOURS Look Like?

Thanksgiving rolled itself around again, like it does every year only this time I was on the right side of the country at York Beach. We stayed Joe’s Auntie’s house, walked on the beach and ate everything but the turkey. Joe even made two apple pies (and yes, they were both delicious and very cute).DSCN0928


What pose? This is just how I roll…


Everyone in front of the Cape Neddick Nubble Light.


I don’t know what YOU do when you find a Christmas tree made out of lobster traps and buoys, but I know someone who would scramble right up it like a squirrel up a telephone pole.


Look how peaceful this picture is…DSCN0970

and what happens right afterward. KaPOW! I win…DSCN0939DSCN0940

Yes, there are seals at beaches and York Beach has it’s own special brand of seal…

Oh PETA…. You’re so Cute

Well, PETA’s done it again. They’ve managed to make me feel uncomfortable for NOT eating meat. They’ve done this bizarre game to…. I guess… try to convince you to not eat meat. They’re thinking that if they have you pull feathers off a dead turkey, crack bloody eggs and cram stuffing into the derriere of a dead turkey while this little cartoon person screams “TOO NICE!” at you, it’ll somehow convince you that Thanksgiving is disgusting holiday. By the time you get to the part where they want you to saw the turkey’s head off, you’re pretty much done. Not with meat, but with PETA’s stupid game. Sigh… PETA, you make me sad and I don’t even eat meat.