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Manky Wool and Little Beasties

I found this endearing video about sweaters (whoops… excuse me, when I said sweaters I really meant jumpers) over at Style Bubble. The narration and animation are just off-beat enough that it can’t help but make you smile. The video is by David Shrigley and it’s about the knitwear collection by Pringle of Scotland.

500 Flavors

Dad sent me a link to a short (12 minute) documentary about Soda Pop Stop in California, a store that only sells soda. It’s one of those neat little specialty stores that feature independent brewers, the etsy of the drink world. The documentary is really well done and makes me wish I was going through California on my way east just so that I could stop in… and I don’t even drink soda. What kind would I try? Chai Spice or Goya Coconut (doesn’t coconut soda sound really really good!?) or maybe even the Rhubarb soda


I’m Thinking of You…

… you know who you are and this video/song is for you but I liked it so much that I thought I’d share with the whole class. This is a really beautiful song and video, I think I could listen to this all morning. The video reminds me of a Grimm’s fairy tale (I’ve been reading from a giant book of Grimm’s every night all summer to put little girls to sleep… there’s something about falling in love then being turned into a giant and then waking up to find your sweetheart in a forest growing out of your chest that makes sense to little kids and puts them to sleep).

‘Blood’ The Middle East

Via: My Folk Lover

Scrabble me this, Batman

North American television doesn’t often see ad campaigns like Scrabble’s ‘the Beautiful Word’. Thank god for the Internet. And the French.

Scrabble has a new ad campaign is totally and completely wonderful. There is a little article on Jawbone about the process behind these mini masterpieces. The idea is that a number of artists have been given some words that they had to illustrate in a connected way (like a Rube Goldberg project). These were printed as posters and then, later, a different agency was commissioned to animate them.

This one was my favorite little animation. The characters remind me of Adventure Time, another one of my favorite animations.