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Crafty Weekends

This is what my past weekend looked like…

Weaving a little surprise on a Kromski Rigid Heddle loom. Super quick project (4 feet of weaving took 3 hours start to finish including warping!).

Some wee baby lettuces in a window box, waiting for warmer weather.

Oh it’s been so nice to be inside on a cold day, weaving and drinking tea in my rocking chair.


This is an absolutely GENIUS way of making patches for your clothes! Karen Barbe has some really beautiful examples of her weaving (which is why I was following her blog in the first place) and her tutorial for making these simple woven patches has me all excited and anxious to find some holes in my clothes so I can patch patch patch! Plus, I love this photo. I always appreciate it when a tutorial conveys all the bits and pieces of the process in photos so that I don’t even need the wordy part! Lovely…

We Went A-Weaving…

I’ve been taking a weaving class here at Sterling (No! You didn’t know that, did you?). After our class went on a field trip to the Old Stone House Museum to look at looms and such Schirin, Joe and I went back to set up and weave on an enormous barn loom they have up in the Athenian Hall attic. Long story short, it was fun, Schirin had to dress up (all the way down to bare feet!), Joe and I didn’t (yes….) and even though the loom was set up in a strange way, it worked in the end and we were able to weave some things!